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I really had to stop by to say how much I love your approach.
I was stunned by your siggraph video and finally installed Vpaint.
(Thanks to Frenchy Pilou and the also free verve painter - forum)
I am into vector graphics since 25 years now and haven't seen something like this.

VPaint Sensation #1 is morphing between uneven number of vertex points. Hell, how much I missed this. (imagine this would be possible in 3D? - is it already?)
VPaint Sensation#2 - the uncomplicated workflow to animate segments. Love it!

Anyway it would be lovely to see your approach implemented in other packages.
Flash - even though very "adobefyed" complicate - miss the macromedia days.
Anime Studio - so easy, so lovely.
It is very hard to do everything on your own. Or try to get some more people working on it ;)

I just used Vpaint for one or two hours, but as it is a beta, there are a lot of things I am missing.
As it is with a lot of one person projects, it will be impossible to implement all, but I will try to do a priority list.

#1 Transform
As said somewhere else, transforming is a must.
Rotatable and animate-able rotation point - anchor point - a big plus.

#2 Scale
As it belongs to transformation it should not be forgotten. Anchor point too ;)

#3 SVG Import (AI if possible, but I am afraid due to license reasons not)
You can't do everything by your own ;) The better your program works with others, the more often it will be used.

#4 Sculpt
It should not be on this high priority, but as much as I love your approach to auto-select an edge by the vertex closest to cursor centre, I really would appreciate the selectable possibility to sculpt by vertices, edge independent.
Anime Studios "Magnet" tool has this functionality. It auto-selects all vertices below cursor and uses a fixed focal shift, but is missing your superb function.
A mixture of both would be most lovely. A Focal Shift, like in zBrush the ultimate happiness.

#5 SVG Export as stroke.
As I would like to use vPaint to do graphics finally projected by a laser, a stroke only export is essential for me. Strokes converted to faces are useless for my special use.

#6 SVG Sequence Export
With naming and incremental as png sequence.

(Now it starts to get more complex)
#7 Layers
For better organizing

#8 Bones and rigging
The possibility to rig a character in combination with your morphing system must be extra strong.
Never used ToonBoom or TvPaint but really love extra easy rigging in Anime Studio.
Tried the reimplemented bone tool in flash 2015 before writing this, crashed after some clicks - typical Adobe experience. (Sure, not everything Adobe produces is bullshit, but with their men - power they should create magic instead of buggy standard)

EDIT - first version of Erase was nonsense
#9 Erase Pen
Ok it is not as important as I thought. Precise deletion is possible by select + STRG to add point and delete edge.
That is enough for the moment. Erase Pen not that important.

#10 Mirror
to easily do symmetric stuff
Drawing with mirror function turned on is very helpful.
#10a Mirror copied objects and it's animation about one free definable mirror line.

#11 3D rotation
Just to give mirrored and transformed 2D objects some depth

I guess you have plenty of ideas too. If they are as revolutionary as your morphs, do this and forget about things already existing ;)

Thanks for your efforts Boris.

Btw. Vpaints runs without any problems so far.
Win7 64 Bit
i3930k @ 4 Ghz
64 Gb Ram
Titan GTX
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Nice specs!

Oh and the ideas are good too :)

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Thanks a lot knacki! Your feedback is highly appreciated, especially from somebody with 25 years of experience in vector graphics. Your feature list makes a lot of sense and is along the lines of what I have in mind. I may add more revolutionary stuff, but the existing stuff is also important ;-)
Anyway it would be lovely to see your approach implemented in other packages.
Yes, I'd love that too!

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