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Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:13 pm

Not urgent or a request. I was just poking around and had some questions.

I'm wondering if there is more documentation than this. It is quite good but the cool advanced features seen in the video, like doubling the donut, don't seem to be documented anywhere. They are there in the menus but I don't know what's needed and what should be selected to make use of them.

I also don't know how to reverse some of the operations. Like how to delete an intermediate motion pasted frame. The frame before and after it are no longer motion-pasted after deleting the middle one.

And one final question: (how) can I modify the internal representation while VPaint is running? If saved, an xml editor would work of course.

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Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:33 am

Unfortunately, there isn't more doc than that at the moment. Defining a roadmap for VPaint, then writing a more extensive documentation are my top priorities, hopefully it should be done in one week or two.

For your specific questions:

deleting only one frame

The issue is that when you select something (say, an edge) at an intermediate motion-pasted frame, it selects the whole *connection* between the edge at the first frame, and the edge at the last frame, so this is what you delete. This whole connection from first frame to last frame is called an "inbetween edge" in VPaint terminology. You can see in the timeline that the whole segment between the first frame and the last frame becomes red, to give you feedback of what will be deleted.

However, I agree that it could be a good idea to have an alternate behaviour, where "delete" only modify the current frame of the active view (you can have different side-by-side views showing different frames). Maybe this alternate behaviour should even be the default one? Anyway, I didn't think about that before, and thus is not implemented.

As a workaround, if you want to delete only the frame N, you can go to frame N-1, select everything with a rectangle of selection, and do Animation>Keyframe (shortcut: k). Then do the same at the frame N+1. And finally go to frame N, select everything with a rectangle of selection, and delete it. It's not ideal but should work.

modifying internal representation while VPaint is running

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet. The only thing you can do is save the file, edit the file externally, then re-open the file. I would like to have this feature, but it takes time to implement so it will probably not be available before about a year.

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