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Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:46 am

I've been (very) interested in this since the Siggraph video. I think it's a great tool; I installed it today to try it, with the intention of getting a small animation out fast, for fun and learning.

I found it to be a very neat piece of software. However, I hit a roadblock quite fast; I can't sketch my animation.

2 reasons for that:

1 - I can't find a brush that is not smooth; this disallows any sort of rapid sketching. In Flash, I used to use the pen and set size to 1, smoothness to 0. This isn't as good as an actual bitmap brush that imitates a pencil, but it does the job. The smooth VPaint brush makes it impossible to sketch properly. Correct me if there's a way and I just didn't understand, but I'd propose to have a setting to render the smoothness to 0, even if it creates strokes that are non-editable. Or even just implementing a basic bitmap brush on a canvas in the background, without any sort of fancy smoothing, or blending, or pressure information, if the former is too complex.

2 - No layers. I could do with the smooth brush; it would be less than ideal, but it's workable. But without layers, I'd have to go back and individually delete the sketch underneath. Again, correct me if I'm missing something obvious. Furthermore, layers are invaluable for:
- Drawing an arc to follow and keeping it on screen all the time
- Drawing a setting, or even just a ground line
- Animating more than one character at a time
- Etc

If layers are not possible in the current architecture, I'd propose to at least have a hard-coded "sketch" layer, or maybe some form of "grouping", so you could at least select a set of brush strokes all at once and delete them. As a last recourse, I'd propose to be able to import frames from bitmaps and set them as background; this way, I'd at least be able to use Krita/MyPaint for the sketching, and move to VPaint for inking.

Point #2 is much more important than point #1, but if both were implemented, I'd actually consider VPaint as a viable professional alternative to other tools out there. It does seem to me that if I could actually have at least layers, VPaint could save eons of inking time.

Again, please tell me if there's a workflow that serves as a replacement for those features, and if I'm missing something obvious.

As an unrelated note, if I don't split the screen on Arch Linux, I can't see my drawing (I get a capture of whatever my screen was before opening VPaint), but I'll wait for ver 2 before doing any proper bug reporting.

Thanks a bunch!

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Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:43 pm

Hi Xanaxax!

(I had seen your message on GitHub, but somehow missed this one. Probably some notification settings which I should fix).

You are absolutely right on all these points. :) Everything that you mention can perfectly be implemented in VPaint, should be, and will be (in the next few years). It just takes some time, which I have lacked these past few years
which were critical for my future career (obtaining my PhD degree, interning at Pixar). I will still lack time for about one more year. But then, developing VPaint should become one of my highest priority.

Unfortunately, there are currently no good workarounds for the issues you mention. I'm afraid the only thing you can do is wait for these features to be implemented. Note that this is actually the reason why VPaint is still labeled as "Beta". I know that there are critical features which should be part of VPaint, but which are not implemented yet. I preferred to release a half-finished product than not releasing it at all, especially because in the meantime, I use the feedback of users to guide development.

But eventually, the wait will be well rewarded. I am 100% convinced that VPaint has the potential to be significantly better than any existing tool today, especially for inking. I -really- want this to happen. It will be awesome :)

PS: Thx for the feedback about the split-screen issue in Arch Linux. Looks like it could be some OpenGL-related issue. Since most of the rendering architecture will be rewritten for v2, it's indeed best to wait until then.

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