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Duck Sneak

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:51 pm
by Boris

I'll use this thread to show progress on improving this animation. It will be very slow progress since I first have to develop the tools to do it ;-)

Here is the animation:

Here is the file:
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Feel free to comment here on what can be improved, or if you want, modify the file and share your own improvements!

All .vec files that I share in this threads are licensed under CC BY 4.0, unless stated otherwise. The reference background image is taken from The Animator's Survival Kit, (C) Richard Williams and Imogen Sutton, 2001. As it is for educational and scientific purposes only, I believe its usage here falls under fair use. If you are a copyright holder and think otherwise, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.

Re: Duck Sneak

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:00 pm
by Spooikypok_Dev
I have the same problem with the tweens, but in an even more problematic manner. Why do they react this way and sometimes don't do this "beyond keyframe interpolation"?

Re: Duck Sneak

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:16 pm
by Boris
It's the same behaviour than what happens in 3D animation: by default, keyframe tangents are automatically computed in order for motion to be "smooth". A side-effect of this is that it generates "anticipation": the value would go slightly backward before going forward, to ensure smoothness. When it is not desirable, animators would manually edit the keyframe tangents in order to get what they want. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do this in VPaint (i.e., manually editing tangents/trajectories), but I am planning to work on that sooner than later since it is a critical feature.